The Women in Islam Journal, Issue 4, welcomes submissions related to the following topics:

  • Sexuality and sexual identity in Islam. Contributions might touch upon: social control and policing of female sexuality; taboos surrounding female sexuality; sexuality and health (HIV/Aids, FGM, virginity), sexual violence, dress codes, etc.
  • Women’s human rights in Muslim traditions. Submissions might reflect on the issues of marriage, divorce, sexual violence, child custody and maintenance, polygamy, adultery, unmarried motherhood,etc.
  • Women and inheritance in Islam. Submissions might include academic papers as well as interviews and personal narratives of women experiencing discrimination and/or impoverishment as a results of inheritance laws, or mobilising to demand equal access to inheritance.
  • Women and militant Islam. Contributions might look at the situation of women living under militant Islam, the participation of women in militant Islamist groups, etc.
  • Transformative masculinity. Submissions might reflect upon gender roles, values attached to masculinity in Muslim communities, opportunities for transformative masculinity within the religious framework, etc.
  • Inter-religion relationships. Contributions might touch upon Christian-Muslim relations (in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya or any western countries for example), processes of identity building, perceptions of women in non-Muslim majority countries and in Muslim majority countries, etc.
  • Profiles of influential men and women who contributed to challenging the current status quo through their ideas and engagements in public arenas and have influenced the broader community’s position towards Islam and Muslims.

Submissions may include scholarly articles, essays, opinion pieces, profiles, interviews, book or movie reviews and cartoons, etc. The recommended length for articles is between 1500 and 2000 words. Contributions may be submitted in English or Arabic.

Please submit your article to Kindly notice that only authors of selected articles or articles which SIHA would like to consider for future volumes of “Women in Islam” will be contacted.