Women in Islam Journal


From the diverse Horn of Africa, fascinating stories of Muslim women unfold beneath a backdrop of war, discrimination, poverty and disintegration of society – a deepening crisis that continues to viciously affect women. A major manifestation of this crisis is a rapid spread of militant ideology, a by-product of select interpretations of Islam that are deemed superior and unquestionable, and largely focus on controlling and demeaning women and girls. Some of these stories have been captured and documented in the Women in Islam Journal.

With the contributions of prominent Islamic thinkers, activists, artists and young writers, dotted with poetry and art, the journal is rich and eclectic. It presents alternative discourses of Islamic interpretations and reflections on women’s human rights in the Horn of Africa.

“Living in a Muslim society and in accordance with Islamic teachings requires us to understand them properly and in a human way. Today, Islam is exploited in all areas of life. Obsolete interpretations of religion pave the way for patriarchy to distort social life and enact laws that target women, upholding social norms which are unfair to women. Well done, breaking the siege of backward thought in favour of women, and involving great feminsit scholars and enlightened thinkers!

— Essam Abdelmoniem, Kassalla Sudan.